14 de jul de 2009

The Stallion, Morena and Mulata...

It started in June 2008, I have a friend from college so beautiful, those cute, little durinha all, type 1.55 50kilos, peitudinha, durinha ass, piecing the language used in the navel, very mad, so mad I had a q quality was BI.Sempre I went with her, to take our beers and terminavámos always in bed, I socando it hard, I'm High Moreno 1.88 76 kilos, and with it, damn big, thick, and blackcap, hard to find, I'm not gabando, but that is what I always heard from friends of cama.Num beautiful Saturday afternoon, I''and''Fra name of my short, leave to take an ice, and when we spoke of malaria, and one of those people putarias qa spoke that day, I asked the Fra, Why she never get a girlfriend I fuck you with it, ja q was fond of the fruit I q ... rss! She answered me, you love, the woman when she is BI .. never get her man for woman, but she will eat the man with his wife, it was in my head, then the Fra, I q I got her a bitch, is how I resolve this, I thought about all whores q passed by my stick, and none had touched on the subject q would be owned by a gostosa.Dias is and have nothing, even nothing, nothing in quotes, Why beat punheta I direct, I think eating the FRA and other gostosa.Ficava crazy, my stick was up with the veins throb in masturbação.Até so that one day, into the net, a Sunday dead, end of afternoon, thinking already in the''beautiful''2nd Monday When I encounter a room to chat, not very fond of it, but entered and saw a person with a nickname of DRIKA .... tc started with it, will chat and chat comes, not talk about no sex until we fall in msn, then roll up to 22hs this beautiful Sunday, and fired in the 2nd Monday night, was entered again, and we know more, she spoke it was the mulatto 22anos, 1 , 72 58 kilos.filha single, solteira.Mas the photos of her were not good, all away, but saw that she was lean and mulatinha.Até that after so much we decided to find lodging, shopping in a mark, the 5th Sunday, marked in front of a shoe shop known, it was the first 18:30 I grip in transit, but I like being late even rss ..!
Expectation doubles ... hehehe! When you enter the Mall, I see it from afar, which is mulata that my brother, she was looking to showcase, from coast to me with a more clarinha blue jeans, which regassada of hot ass, panties in the thallus, thin waist, hair alisadinho , a cute, all Lindon, came very close, and gave an rss dedadinha it ..!
On her shoulder, and spoke.
Drika Hi!
She turned up and said Hi, my dear! But when she turned, that those breasts are a pair of breasts, melons even a neckline she wore the company she worked, coladinho. That breasts are those, I gave more teeth to the sinuses that ass ... rss ! "Hi I 3, which denies odoriferous, nice, beautiful ... my ass twist pro side at the time, put his hand on the left pocket of the pants, to hold him and protect me from my rss vergolha ..!
Leave the mall, and went for a pub hambiente, which was in the high part of the capital. Coming up to this bar, we are talking, until after some ice, the climate began to warm, there were already too close, I began to embrace her, kiss her at the river mouth, up from the love strong, has started to move my middle finger in her belly, following up on the back of them, to suit your panties, stick to my side as always, and she cutuvelo in its cantilevered top of my thigh, and I always pressing, until the drop of my honey that comes from my ass, leaked in the pants, it was the right brand, and she said,
- What is this my beautiful teeth?
I told you, you see, we leave, she said not today, I was half angry, but I saw that would not eat it that night, I was in the bathroom of the bar 2 times masturbating me in such a masturbaçoes, Gozei far, hot and delicious. But I took it away, but not rolled, but the farewell she spoke, I see you Sunday, maybe this shot of teeth within you. Rose to 6 Friday and nothing, and nothing happened Saturday, until Sunday I went to roll in a car that has feirinha in Mineirão, I with my friends, enjoying, having beer, when I do not expect, my phone rings, eye number, it was the fall of 8454 almost **** Alegria.-Speech, Lindon! What do you have?
Send-nothing, my dear! I get it ... rs!
-What are you looking then?
-I seek you, we can now leave after lunch.
-Of course!
Mark all, time, place, took half a day I went to the site, marked by far I was sighting it, all hot in blue jeans, sunglasses, I was giving up and kiss on the mouth, was about looking hawks, breaking out rss on time ..! I got it, and went to a bar, and then began kissing, talking about love, same thing the first meeting, teeth were burst within us, but the difference was a fun during the day, many people watching, I was going insane until I gave the cry, my right, let's get outta here, you get me to animate a nice place.?
She replied.
I do not know love. But he was written in the forehead dela''Eu I wish for you''. But after her very sweet, she topou, paid the bill on time, half a bottle of beer came back, entered the car and spent about 8 minutes until find a motel bacaninha, already among pelando, teeth like that, already out of the car, and went to the room, the food started to suck her neck, she metia the right hand on my ass the other looking at my ass, I was opening the zipper of her pants, she was already taking my shirt, and going with a tongue movements crazy for my belly, umbico and chest, I was going crazy. Until I get the pants down to her, that beautiful ass, panties she wore a white, all beautiful, your pussy was spoiling honey, it took the blusinha, how wonderful! Large and firm breasts, beautiful mulatto, she was already taking my pants and I was only in underwear, man fuck tart, big, delicious, so take my underwear waiting for her, but she took no, just pass your hand over the drawer, roçando it with great intensity, until the best case it only with the mouth, pulled my shorts, saving my ass to be hanged by the strong pressure from both cloth, when she stops and begins to praise my stick, talking stick that beautiful is yours, great thick, beautiful, crazy to now, will I can handle it all and with only slight movements, she began to give kisses on the head, and descended by means of my stick, then kiss again head honeydew, and reliable the tip of the tongue in the hole of the channel, I was almost in a state of coma, hoping she abocalhar my stick, it happened in an attack of fury, she threw it full in the mouth, and asking for very strong punch to his throat, and it left me crazy, because if you do not know where to head roll is something soft face she cries of pleasure.
I socava very strong, was almost laughing when she asked you that I dominate, and was what I did, she played in bed, I began to suck their beautiful breasts which were already shown, suck your belly, I was down but I know I play, when it would reach almost beautiful in its xaninha, I back up and start the process again ... rss! I did this one 3 times, until the wonderful moment for her came, I went down, to go against his beautiful and odoriferous xaninha, all depiladinha and cheirim of eva sweet, that crazy! Never felt so delicious a nectar from bucetinha a wet and so tight that my head more, but I did not want to stop, I felt very happy to see her freak of teeth, I gave some mordidinhas and soft on your vaginal lips, blowjob that lasted about 15 minutes, I enjoying it felt nice, until you do not hold more, and talked, we fuck, let me penetrate you, put a condom and she said let's fuck nice but has a little something I have to tell you ..... oh the house fell at the time, my cock began to signal defeat, but came from her mouth that was, she told me that I so anal, vaginal that, so once was, and anal that she felt better, I was crazy, man stick turned rock again, so to imagine that dirty of 4, with that ass roll your cuzinho in my club. I was putting it on 4 in the river bed, that hip, that beautiful ass, and your cuzinho by the blink of my desire to feel beautiful stick, first started with the finger, massaging, then penetrating with the same finger, and she moaning, felt so happy to feel the most intimate touch of my finger, then you do not resist more, and started to move the mule in his entry, go to her familiar, and soon I was slowly threading website, and every woman is the same thing, pretended rss ta .. that hurts!
But the train was too good, so I took the rope and head, that my dick was so much purple teeth, and she squeezed the water, and with more intensity started to put more force, I felt ready for my fucking ejaculate, had never seen one break a big stick cuzinho nice, it nice to enter and exit his cuzinho that, at that time had already entered it all, she was already used to the stick, and I started to feel the joy of the pack coming up that not endure more, took the stick out, took the condom, and fuck that cuzinho pretty well ... I have never seen so damn hot down by the butt of a woman ...........
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11 de jul de 2009

Conflict in Afghanistan has long road ahead.

The U.S. President, Barack Obama, said the conflict in Afghanistan has "a long road ahead" in an exclusive interview with British television channel Sky News, this Saturday. "This is a serious battle, but essential to the future stability of the country," Obama said in the interview given during his visit to Accra, Ghana.
The U.S. president also said that, although the allied forces are facing violent clashes with militants of the Taliban, the United States is developing new strategies to establish a new relationship with the Afghan society, after the country's presidential elections, scheduled for August.
"Afghanistan needs its own army, police and their ability to control their own security," Obama said, describing a strategy similar to the United States have been implementing in Iraq. "Let's see what else we can do. It may not be in military field, but in the field of development, giving farmers alternatives to poppy plantations, and ensuring an efficient training to the judiciary of the country."
Great Britain.
Obama also defended the participation of Britain in the attack, at a time when the British government has been pressed after the death of 15 soldiers in the last ten days - which led the number of British dead in Afghanistan to overcome the deaths in Iraq. Under Obama, the battle in Afghanistan is vital in the fight against terrorism.
"The possibility of a terrorist attack in London is so great or even greater than in the United States," he said. When he assumed the presidency in January, Obama announced that reinforce the troops in Afghanistan, sending more than 30 thousand soldiers to join the 33 thousand Americans and 32 thousand members of the NATO forces now serving in the country.

Bus is burned by the men encapuzados Rio

A bus line 201 (Santo Alexandrino - Praça Quinze) of Traffic Self-Alpha, was torched by men encapuzados on this Saturday afternoon in Itapiru Street in Rio de Janeiro.
According to witnesses, about seven men entered the vehicle, ordered the passengers and brought down fire.
The act was a reprisal for the operation of the Morro da Falleti Bope, which would have caused the death of innocents. There are no reports of victims of the bus torched

Phrases of the Truck Bumpers

"Visits always give pleasure. If not the arrival, in the output." (Author Unknown)
"Powered on foot, low in the medium, only muié ride." (Author Unknown)
"Everything that is good in life and or hurt or sin." (Author Unknown)
"Luck is Adam, had no parents or truck." (Author Unknown)
"We can not send my parents to hell. because I pity the devil!" (Author Unknown)
"I know that money is not everything. has the car, the house, television ..." (Author Unknown)
"If size was the document was owner of the circus elephant." (Author Unknown)
"If you do not like the way I run, leaving the sidewalk." (Author Unknown)
"If I see embraced with ugly women, it separates fight." (Author Unknown)
"If this horseshoe luck, not puxava donkey cart." (Author Unknown)
"If the stores run fine, if you stop taking the bank!" (Author Unknown)
"If marriage were road, I was in the bracket." (Author Unknown)
"If beard was respect, did not bode horn." (Author Unknown)
"If death is a rest, I prefer live tired." (Author Unknown)
"Rico accompanying procession, the poor chasing the holy." (Author Unknown)
"Who chooses too, just eat." (Author Unknown)
"Who likes ugly woman is beauty salon." (Author Unknown)
"Who gives to the poor, must pay the Motel!" (Author Unknown)
"I prefer to be a known drunk than an anonymous alcoholic." (Author Unknown)
"For lack of new clothes, spent iron in vein!" (Author Unknown)
"Because of the rush is that the fly was born without bones." (Author Unknown)
"Poor only fills the tummy when drowned. " (Author Unknown)

Dreams and their Meanings

The dream is an experience that has different meanings if an extended debate involving religion, science and culture.
For Science, is an experience of the unconscious imagination during our sleep.
Recently, it was discovered that even babies in utero have REM (rapid eye movement) and dream, do not know with what. In different cultural and religious traditions the dream appears to have premonitory powers or even an expansion of consciousness.
Meaning of Dreams with the letter A
Meaning of Dreams and their interpretations on-line with the letter A.
Avocado - avocados See the mountains: love without hope. Eat them: joy and happiness. ...
Meaning of Dreams with the letter A - coffin, Aurora, Ave, ... Find coffin, in dream, in a coffin to say protection, ...
Meaning of Dreams with the letter A - Aranha, Arco, Arco-go ... Spider The spider is a symbol of the struggles in the world of illusions reflected ...
Meaning of Dreams with the letter A - Bee, Embrace, Agulara ... Bee Dreaming of bees means wealth, prosperity, profits in business, happiness, p. ..
Meaning of Dreams with the letter A - Sugar, Adam, Guess ... Dreaming of Sugar sugar is always an indication of pleasure ...
Meaning of Dreams with the letter B
Meaning of Dreams and their interpretations on-line with the letter B.
Meaning of Dreams with the Letter B - Ball - Your desires of love will be realized. Lucky: butterfly. Baggage - Baggage heavy ...
Meaning of Dreams with the Letter B - Fights, pump, pump ... Stock Exchange Closed-secrets. Empty-entry of money. Full-it all goes well. Pump can repr ...
Meaning of Dreams with the Letter B - Beam, Stocks, slap ...
Boca has a meaning very strong erotic. Bonita, follow the advice it received from person ...
Meaning of Dreams with the Letter B - Bicycle, Card, B. ..
Bike rides fine. Good times the ticket (to) expect. Receiving a ticket: al ..
Meaning of Dreams with the Letter B - Kiss, Beauty, Cot ...
Kiss means achieving something desired. Kiss given or received, an increase of affection. See pess ...
Meaning of Dreams with the letter C
Meaning of Dreams and their interpretations on-line with the letter C.
Meaning of Dreams with the letter C - Head-See a head cut: solve problem. Who dreams that is ...
Meaning of Dreams with the letter C -- Corvo The woman who dreams of a raven, a child will make the world crazy. Your scrap ...
Meaning of Dreams with the letter C - Hat, smell, rain ... Hat The hat is in the dream, a variable appearing as the ...
Meaning of Dreams with the letter C - Beef, house, dream ... The meat raw meat, seen in dream, announcing bad news or serious illness. P. ..
Meaning of Dreams with the letter C - Camel, Truck, Ca .. Camelo Besides being a good guess for the lottery and gambling, that shows you

4 de jul de 2009

Websites that changed the way you listen to music

In a decade that the Internet and new technologies have changed both the way people listen to the music was not exactly easy to make a list of what to us were Blogin the 05 best sites of 2000. But in the end, what was it being done in 2 lists (1 for each), eventually becoming a single list, since the lists were almost equal, with only the orders changed.
Then there are the 10 sites that, for us, revolutionized the way the music world:

Before Metacritic heard quite a sentence between fans of music was: "this disc is full of critical success." But it was always pure achismo. After Metacritic whether it was possible that the disc is really a success or not of criticism. He shows you the notes of several international publications (all significant) and is an average. And this mean, in the end, is the kind of impartial and accurate note more that a disc can get.
04. Blog do Kanye West (www.kanyeuniversecity.com/blog)

Kanye West is not the first musician in the world to have a blog. But it is, of course, the first artist to be at the top who know how to use this tool. He makes about 15 posts a day, and it speaks to several issues. Jaba is not only doing and saying the next few shows, but also launches new songs, speaking of fashion ... and finally, a huge blog. Just a blog of one of the most awarded artists of today.

03. TramaVirtual (http://www.tramavirtual.com.br/) In Brazil, there is nothing like the TramaVirtual. If you have a band, their music probably already there. If not, they should be. The site has almost incalculable importance for the independent music scene brasileira.Além's more, even has a TV show that is a cover of Brazilian music (which really matters) from north to south of our dear country. Outside the TramaVirtual lets you put songs on your page as you like, you are 15 or 150. Download Paid E? And the daily matters? So many things that you better go there and give a fuçada.
02. Hype Machine (http://www.hypem.com/) Many people are here in Blogin asking where they can find the songs that we publish. The answer is always the same: Hype Machine. You write the name of the music and the site lists all the blogs that talked about it. You can hear via streaming and download on the blog go to the music. Also see what the songs were more comments that day and a lot of features that you may find fuçando.
01. Allmusic (http://www.allmusic.com/) Well, suffice it to say that the Rate Your Music would not exist without the Allmusic. It is a site that has good reviews together with an extensive music library. Who cast the first stone who never found a band at Allmusic. Or who have never researched some information there. Can you lose hours at the site, ranging from artist to artist, from cover to cover, reading reviews and watching the notes.

28 de jun de 2009

Enter and Exit

The man has ambitions. Some, hoping just survive. Others win. For the majority win is to study, get jobs, have children or be master of his destiny. But there are those who desire more. Need fame, success, power, money or hold power, whatever it is. The case of Senator José Sarney is typical. Did everything a common man aspire to be. Married, had children, was founded, became deputy, two state senator, governor and even President of the Republic.
Furthermore, a member of the most prestigious cultural institution in Brazil, the Brazilian Academy of Letters. It is an old-fashioned father, and their care, but has the political and opium. Thus, the 79 years, undergoes a series of complaints from opponents, journalists and even allies. Do not enter the merits of the question, but ask me if I would not have been wiser for him, this block of life, write his biography, create another novel as good 'Saraminda' chair or the Academy? However, accepted for the third time be a candidate for President of the Senate, defeating Tião Viana in fierce fighting that left sequelae. At the same time, struggle to reverse the real part of the election of Maranhão and in the end, made of their baby daughter, Roseana again governor. It, ill, was based on extreme father to win the battle lost in the polls. Another war, more enemies. Roseana as the father, was also Senator. Back to the government, and then graduate. Have chronic health problems, having undergone nearly 20 surgeries, fought to exhaustion to return to the Palace of the Lions.
Right now, just leave the neurological intervention, because of aneurysm. I remember Sergio Buarque de Holanda, in "Roots of Brazil ', in 1936, assuming that the family becomes powerful when it is demanding, and its shadow, has the same outside of their family environment. Thus, the family as private, will always precede the public. These few lines do not think, just trying to report facts show public and always be difficult to understand the many acts and moments of our lives. Is it worth it?